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Solutions: Models Feature Comparison

The models feature comparison is provided below. It includes two models based on a dedicated team approach—Remote Engineering Center (REC) and Offshore Development Center (ODC)—and Project Outsourcing and Resource Augmentation models. ODC and REC are hybrid models created to combine the best characteristics of project-based and staffing models.

At the high level the table below compares how well the four models explicitly address the typical client’s goals and needs. It must be noted that the absence of ‘+’ in a particular cell doesn’t mean that the need cannot be addressed by the team working by that model. It means only that the model itself doesn’t have a mechanism to guarantee that. For example, with the Staffing model, low TTM or high quality of deliverables can be achieved, but that would be so not because of the model itself, but because of other factors—e.g. through the client’s efforts to develop and implement good knowledge and quality management processes.

Goals and Needs Res Augment ODC REC Project
Minimize costs   + +  
Have more resource flexibility + + +  
Get high quality deliverables     + +
Minimize business risks       +
Decrease TTM     +  
Visibility into activities of the team + + +  
Have service provider solve problems     + +
Attain and retain expertise   + +  

The detailed comparison of the models’ features explaining why such high-level results are achieved is provided below.

Feature Res Augment ODC REC Project
Long-term planning
Provide suggestions for long-term resource planning Client Auriga Auriga Client
Create long-term resource plan Client Client Auriga Client
Define project pipeline Client Client Jointly Client
Approve long-term plans Client Client Client Client
Project planning
Create high-level project plan based on the input Client Auriga Auriga Auriga
Approve high-level project plan Client Client Client Jointly
Create detailed engineer/task-level plan and project-level resource allocation Client Jointly Auriga Auriga
Approve detailed plan Client Client Auriga Auriga
Develop and introduce engineering and management processes Client Client Auriga Auriga
Implement defined processes Client Jointly Auriga Auriga
Perform process QA Client Client Auriga Auriga
Risk management
Identify risks and create mitigation plans Client Auriga Auriga Auriga
Scope & requirements management
Define project scope Client Client Client Client
Clarify and detail the requirements Client Auriga Auriga Auriga
Define software requirements Client Auriga Auriga Auriga
Approve software requirements Client Client Client Jointly
Change management Client Jointly Jointly Jointly
Product QA
Define quality control strategy Client Client Auriga Separately
Approve quality control strategy Client Client Client Separately
Perform quality control according to the defined strategy Auriga Auriga Auriga Separately
Knowledge management
Define knowledge management plan Client Client Auriga Auriga
Maintain knowledge base Client Client Auriga Auriga
Execute according to the plan Client Jointly Jointly Jointly
Environment: CM, development, testing
Define environment Client Client Jointly Auriga
Use defined environment Jointly Jointly Jointly Auriga
Create communications plan Client Client Auriga Auriga
Execute according to the plan Jointly Jointly Jointly Auriga
Human resources
Select team members Client Jointly Jointly Auriga
Create motivation/retention plan Client Jointly Auriga Auriga
Execute according to the plan Client Auriga Auriga Auriga
Client business goals
Set goals and create business plan Client Client Client Client
Measure goal success Client Jointly Jointly Client
Suggest changes to business plan Client Client Jointly Client
Cost effectiveness for client
Measure and track cost effectiveness Client Jointly Jointly Client
Optimize cost effectiveness Client Client Jointly Client
Monitoring and control
Long-term outsourcing plans Client Jointly Jointly Client
Project high-level plans Client Jointly Jointly Jointly
Detailed project plans Client Jointly Auriga Auriga
High-level risks Client Jointly Jointly Jointly
Detailed risks Client Jointly Auriga Auriga
Resource utilization Client Jointly Jointly Auriga
Services summary
Engineering Auriga Auriga Auriga Auriga
Project management Client Jointly Auriga Auriga
Project/relationship supervision Client Client Jointly Jointly
IT Jointly Jointly Jointly Auriga
HR Jointly Auriga Auriga Auriga
SEPG and process QA Client Client Auriga Auriga
Product QA Client Jointly Auriga Separately