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Models: Multisourcing

Many major businesses start to look beyond traditional sourcing relationships, adopting a new strategy, called multisourcing. In this approach, companies may use different providers in multiple locations by employing a combination of offshore, onshore, and nearshore models to get the best value rather than using a single outsourcing provider.

Mulrisourcing has become a critical business trend for many companies seeking to achieve maximum efficiency and leverage risks. Multisourcing allows companies to increase the scale and scope of functions and processes being outsourced or offshored, minimizing the risks associated with single location.

Multisourcing allows the customers to:

  • lower the overall costs
  • mitigate and diversify location-specific risks, including geopolitical risks; risks, related to currency rates; demographic and labour pool risks and technology risks
  • reduce the vendor-lock-in (dependence on single supplier)
  • use highly specialized professional resources for each of specific tasks and sub-projects, maintaining cost effectiveness of the whole project
  • gain access to attractive costs through encouraged inter-supplier competition

A company that already uses outsourcing, may consider addressing a second outsourcing provider to deliver niche tasks or to be used as a “back-up” provider. Such a strategy brings in healthy competition and promotes best practice across suppliers servicing the outsourcing contract, ensuring continued technological progress.

As a strategy, multisourcing requires from vendor of outsourcing services:

  • perfect coordination skills and managerial control
  • experience of working in multicultural environment
  • brilliant time-management skills
  • high flexibility and mobility
  • inter-supplier coordination

With almost 20 years of experience fulfilling client needs, Auriga can offer:

  • proven track record working in multisource environment
  • project rescue service
  • experience with delivering and coordinating large-scale projects
  • transparent and well-documented delivery processes, tailored to each unique engagement
  • strong management and exceptional technical capabilities apt for the most sophisticated projects
  • well established communication channels and practices between Auriga and customer, as well as experience of inter-supplier cooperation and readiness to work hand-in-hand with other outsourcing suppliers, reducing the client management overhead