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Apbat: Auriga Product Description


APBAT is a unique cost-effective interacting directly with the main world news agencies such as ITAR-TASS, Interfax, Reuters, AP, AFP, and RIA Novosti.
APBAT is designed for news agencies and other information providers, and handles such tasks as:

  • Custom data grouping
  • News browsing
  • Full records retrieval
  • Automated data printing

APBAT supports a news database and processes all retrieved messages in accordance with the original source data format, including unpacking and decoding. Each agency can be connected via its own virtual communication port.

The advantages of APBAT have earned it acclaimed recognition from major press agencies, radio and TV channels, and prominent daily newspapers. Our client list includes: Associated Press, Reuters, Voice of America, The New York Times, and other players in the global media market.


  • Focus on usability
    • User-friendly interface: APBAT user interface was created in close co-operation with news analysts and journalists; all navigation and control functions are accessible through keyboard navigation.
    • News alerts: all messages received over the last 5-20 minutes are color-mapped; custom groups can be queued for immediate distribution to the target audience or automated data printing; font emphasis for high priority messages from Reuters allows the users to track breaking news.
    • Grouping: users can create over 250 custom groups (by news agency, by language, by custom key words).
    • Editing: APBAT has a built-in text editor offering a wide range of editing tools and enabling editing text messages in multiple windows.
    • Product enhancements: we continue adding new features, anticipating our client’s needs; and can introduce new functions upon customer’s request
  • Wide coverage
    • Multi-channel communication: news is aggregated via dedicated agency channels, file server, e-mail or by an in-built Internet  service.
    • Distribution: the system enables to redirect and distribute messages according to information schemas—to other servers, to e-mail addresses, to communication channels.
    • Multilingual: APBAT displays news in English, and other major European languages, including Russian; thus, it allows users to receive data from national news agencies.
  • High Reliability
    • Database: the news database can store up to 30 000 items, i.e. all news for 10–14 days.
    • Event log database: in case of any connection problems, the user can trace all existing events on each line.
    • Minimal configuration: any PC running under Windows 95/98/NT with standard serial communication ports or a standard network interface card.


Our impressive client list proves that APBAT holds a strong competitive position in the today’s news market.

Press Agencies

  • Associated Press (AP)
  • Jiji Press
  • Reuters


  • Denmark Radio
  • Voice of America (VOA)

TV channels

  • CBS
  • Finnish TV channels
  • NOS (Dutch TV channel)


  • The NY Times
  • The Daily Telegraph
  • The Financial Times
  • The LA Times
  • Der Spiegel
  • The Moscow Tribune


  • Embassy of France in Russia

Please refer to the Skills and Technologies page for more information on the technical skills possessed by our experts.