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Solutions: Project Outsourcing Model

Auriga believes that every company is unique with its specific business challenges, requirements, standards, deadlines, and budgets. Auriga has a solid history of the mature, repeatable in-house processes and excellent deliverables. At the same time Auriga is flexible and highly client-oriented, to the extent when the Auriga team fully employs a customer's standards, which may significantly differ from in-house ones—LynuxWorks, Dräger Medical, Pigeon Point Systems are good examples of such deep client standards adaptations.

Since 1990, the year of Auriga’s foundation, our clients enjoy the fast and reliable service. Auriga applies every single effort for each customer to make the most out of the partnership and get a solution tailored exactly to reach expected goals within the planned timeframes.

One of efficient types of collaboration offered by Auriga is a one-by-one project delivery service. Auriga has an impressive history of projects accomplished for different clients, including original equipment manufacturers, software product vendors, healthcare, aerospace and telecom companies. Auriga's experience shows that many of these projects may turn into mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationships in a form of the Remote Engineering Center, for instance. That is a real proof of how much attention Auriga pays to project delivery quality: on time, within budget, and according to specifications.


Auriga offers one-by-one project delivery turn-key projects in the following fields:

Technology Expertise

Combined with its extensive and scalable Skills and Technologies Set, Auriga's diversified experience in software development and real-life industry knowledge polished for 20+ years, covers the following fields:

    Pricing Models

    Auriga delivers single projects services according to the following pricing models:

    • Fixed price (FP)
    • Time and materials (T&M)
    • Combined (FP+T&M)

    Please refer to the Skills and Technologies page for more information on the technical skills possessed by our experts.