The Paradox of Balanced Teams: When Less Average Experience is Better

The Russian software development outsourcing industry is known for its ability to deal with complex and unique software development projects.I, for one, like to quote Steven Chase, the President of Intel/Russia:

“If you have something tough, give it to the Americans. If you have something difficult, give it to the Indians. If you have something impossible, give it to the Russians.”

So it comes as no surprise that we, as a software R&D services provider with development centers in Russia, are regularly contacted by potential clients who say, “Build me an elite team of senior professionals to work on our product.”
And then I have to go and convince them to avoid going down that road and to build a balanced team consisting of comparable numbers of senior, standard, and junior engineers instead.

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Case Study: Track/Drivability Mobile App

The task was to create a track application for car owners who love racing and want to tune their cars to be unbeatable on the tracks. The application was intended to help them to better understand how to tune their cars to improve their performance on the track. It also targeted technicians who wanted to repair a car with an unstable problem or with a problem that is reproduced only in a running car. Continue reading

“All I Need Is Engineers”: Why This Approach Fails For Offshore Software Development

I’ve been working in the offshore software development industry for about 15 years, dealing with our current and potential clients and the proposals we create for them on a daily basis. Every week or so, I face some prospective client who says, “I want to put together an offshore engineering team. But don’t put a manager on your side; I will not pay for that. All I need is engineers. My team leaders will manage them directly.” Continue reading

Auriga Helps to Forecast Weather

Auriga completed two projects for one of the leading US weather-broadcasting services. This was a rather unexplored field for Auriga, but a combination of 20+ years of experience, a broad expertise in mobile and embedded development, an ability to create unique innovative solutions, as well as a high international reputation once again proved advantageous. Continue reading