Russian Innovation Week to Promote Innovation and Cooperation


Russian Innovation Week to Promote Innovation and Cooperation

October 2, 2013

The second annual Russian Innovation Week (RIW) Conference was held in Boston on September 17 and continued in California’s Silicon Valley on September 19–20.

One of the main goals of this event hosted by the Russian Innovation Center (RUSNANO, RVC, and the Skolkovo Foundation) was to establish and maintain American–Russian business networking and solid cooperation in the area of innovation development. The conference brought together an elite group of startup entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, government representatives, and C-level executives from Russia and the US. Russian Innovation Week proved to be a successful platform for building strategic partnerships, exploring investment opportunities, and showcasing new technology innovations.

The main areas of interest for the participants of the RIW Conference for the second year in a row included such knowledge-intensive fields as cleantech, biotech, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, nanotechnology, and IT.

Of course, we could not miss an event completely dedicated to supporting innovations that are the main driver for the creation of the information society of the future and the modernization of the global economy. Andrey Pronin, Auriga’s SVP of Strategy, Technology, and Marketing, shared his views on prospects of cooperation with US high-tech companies in the panel discussion Russian IT Business: New Synergetic Opportunities for the US hosted by Russoft, Russian Software Development Companies Association.

One of the burning questions discussed within the frame of the conference concerned the possibility of outsourcing innovation. Andrey Pronin gave his answer to this question:

People don’t always realize how deeply outsourcing and innovation are interconnected, and how important outsourcing is. As the popular saying goes, ‘Ideas are cheap; execution is everything.’ For years, engineering teams provided by outsourcing companies have been working ‘under the hood’ of many innovative high-tech and software products, turning dime-a-dozen ideas into life-changing realities. We have been doing it since 1990—helping high-tech vendors develop their new products, bringing missing skills, establishing an engineering culture, helping with organizing the product-development process. So my answer to the question ‘Is it possible to outsource innovation?’ discussed at the recent Russian Innovation Week is a definitive ‘yes,’ if you think about the most important part of any innovation—execution.

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