Case Study: Residential Energy Audit Solution

Our customer, a US-based energy saving company, tasked Auriga to develop a web-based, mobile-optimized multi-tier application for in-home energy audits to replace the existing desktop application.

The main goal of the project was to create an entirely new product—the application that includes an Oracle-based database and .NET business-tier (.NET MVC API) front-end components (web-based hybrid mobile application) that allow the app to be executed on multiple tablets and smartphones. This cross-platform mobile application is optimized for a 5” or larger screen. Continue reading

Auriga at Roboconf 2014

When it comes to robotics, reality is still well behind science fiction. But that does not mean that actual robots will not live up to their science fiction counterparts at one point or another, especially when the rapid development of several advanced technologies in recent years has opened up entirely new possibilities and moved us even closer to the age of robotics.

In no small measure, robotics will depend on the Internet of Things (IoT). It’s just the natural evolution of technology—machines and devices connected into functioning, intelligent systems, the Internet-powered robots. Continue reading

Auriga’s General Manager Vyacheslav Vanyulin Spoke at 15th RUSSOFT Anniversary Event

Russoft_Logo_EngOn September 9, 2014, RUSSOFT, the largest and the most reputed association of leading Russian software development companies, celebrated its 15th anniversary. Currently, the association counts over 80 corporate members.

The event program included a media briefing, invited IT industry experts, and presentations and conference reports from Russian software development industry officials. The day was concluded with a reception where invited guests addressed RUSSOFT and its role in the Russian software development industry. Continue reading

Five of Auriga’s Employees to Participate in the Central & Eastern European Software Engineering Conference in its 10th Anniversary Year

logoSECRIn the last seven years, Auriga’s engineers have been actively participating in the leading event in the field of software development in Russia and Eastern Europe: the CEE-SECR conference.

This year, the conference celebrates its 10th anniversary on October 23–25. Almost 1,000 IT experts will gather in the Digital October Center in Moscow to network and share their experiences. Continue reading