The Value of Agile and the Start of a New Blog Post Sub-series

Every now and then, I come across some useful bits of information related to software engineering and outsourcing. Although they may not be needed for anything immediately, at some point, you will find out that you need them to better plan your project, estimate ROI, or prove some point. I decided to publish them in this blog, making it easier for anybody, including myself, to find and use retrieved figures and other research results any time.  Continue reading

Auriga and Conservation Services Group Worked Together to Develop Two Generations of Energy Auditing Solutions

csg_logoIn a competitive environment,  winning means continuous product improvement. That’s why, in 2013, Conservation Services Group (CSG) employed Auriga to perform a classic software turn-around project for their residential energy efficiency audit and program operations software – the EnergyMeasure® software suite. CSG has deployed this Suite in many successful energy efficiency programs, but the suite had reliability challenges and was very costly and difficult to maintain. Continue reading