Five of Auriga’s Employees to Participate in the CEE-SECR in its 10th Anniversary Year


Five of Auriga’s Employees to Participate in the CEE-SECR in its 10th Anniversary Year

September 9, 2014

In the last seven years, Auriga’s engineers have been actively participating in the leading event in the field of software development in Russia and Eastern Europe: the CEE-SECR conference. This year, the conference celebrates its 10th anniversary on October 23–25. Almost 1,000 IT experts will gather in the Digital October Center in Moscow to network and share their experiences.

The keynote and invited speakers this year include Robert Farish (Vice President and Regional Managing Director, CIS, IDC), Dino Esposito (Technical evangelist, JetBrains), David Garlan (Professor, Carnegie Mellon University), Mickey W. Mantle (CEO, Wanderful, Inc.), Richard Soley (Chairman and CEO OMG®), and other authority figures of the IT world from Russia, Europe, and the US. The conference program will also feature regular and blitz presentations, panel discussions, workshops, and open space talks.

In this anniversary year, the Program Committee received a record number of submitted presentations: 187 authors from Russia, the US, Finland, Poland, India, Turkey, and several other countries.

The fierce competition and high profile of the event make it more difficult to get into the conference program each year. As a result of a very strict reviewing process, 45 presentations were selected to be included to the main program, and another 68 were selected to be presented as “express presentations.”

As in the previous years, the efforts of Auriga’s engineers were highly regarded, and their presentations were accepted as a part of the main program. This year, our company will be represented by five conference reports:

The presentation addresses the range of bottlenecks of testing process organization and management in high-risk environments, including:

  • dynamically created/updated architecture
  • continuously updated and corrected requirements
  • frequent builds on the request of the customer
  • complexity and high cost of automated testing implementation

The presentation will also cover the role and place of test automation, load/performance testing, and regression testing in dynamically unpredictable projects. The author will also showcase specific practices and methods based on real projects.

This presentation analyzes a number of international standards that define the requirements for medical software development processes, risk management, and quality management systems. Some guidelines for the management of medical software development projects will also be presented based on real-life cases.

The presentation covers the review and analysis of the efficiency of static analyzers (cppcheck, clang-analyzer, Klocwork Insight, Parasoft® C/C++test®, LDRA Testbed) when utilized in large projects (with approximately 400,000 lines of code).

The presentation describes the problems of choosing the most effective approach for database implementation based on customer requirements and project features. It will also provide guidelines for the design of relational and NoSQL databases and demonstrate the UML and IDEF notations usage in practice.

The author will explain how to use Intel INDE Media for Mobile to add video recording capability to Unity applications on Android.

Detailed information on all of the presentations can be found here.

We express our gratitude to the CEE-SECR 2014 Program Committee and invite everyone to visit this reputed industry event.

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