FinNext-2015: “The Smartest, Most Analytical and Informed Win”


FinNext-2015: “The Smartest, Most Analytical and Informed Win”

January 26, 2015

On February 25, you will have a great opportunity to meet with us personally at the FinNext-2015‑the Forum of Financial Innovations that will take place in Moscow’s Digital October Center. For the third year in a row this event gathers together developers of innovative solutions in the area of financial services and their potential customers, including large banks, reputed investment and insurance companies, and venture funds.

The event will feature such topics as remote financial services, mobile and Internet banking, cloud technologies, innovations in retail banking, payment services (digital currencies, p2p, banking solutions), virtualization, NFC-technologies, and IT-outsourcing. Over 800 representatives of the banking community, finance and IT companies are expected to take part in the event.

This year, FinNext-2015 will focus on innovations as a catalyst for changes in the financial services industry in a volatile economic environment. The event organizers highlight the importance of innovations, saying that, “Groundbreaking innovations combine a good idea with the best execution. The smartest, most analytical and informed will win this fight.”

For many years, Auriga has been developing innovative solutions allowing our customers, including those in banking and finance sectors, successfully tackle the challenges of growth and development. Our company is a regular participant of the events that celebrate innovations and start-up culture, for example, Russian Innovation Week or Innovation unConference. We see FinNext-2015 as a platform for exploring new opportunities for our company in terms of meeting new prospective contacts, getting insights into the upcoming trends in the finance industry, as well as sharing the knowledge and experience the company has gained during its 20 years of successful operation in the software research and development field.

We are excited to meet you at the FinNext-2015 and discuss, how our in-depth knowledge, wealth of experience, and tech expertise allow us to assist you in not just surviving the crisis but in becoming the winner.

To arrange the meeting please contact Vitaliy Zyuzin, Account Manager.

Phone: +7 (495) 713-99-00 (ext. 382)


Additionally, you can have a look at the banking and finance solutions offered by Auriga on our website.

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