Six of Auriga’s Experts to Participate in CEE-SECR 2015


Six of Auriga’s Experts to Participate in CEE-SECR 2015

August 3, 2015

The main Russian event in the field of software development, the Software Engineering Conference in Russia (CEE-SECR 2015), will take place on October 22–23 in Moscow, and it is expected to gather around 1,000 IT professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors. The event’s agenda includes presentations by established Russian and international experts, workshops, round tables, and discussions. Full papers will be published in the prestigious ACM Digital Library.

The SECR Program Committee defined the trending topics—including, for example, Internet of Things, Computing Everywhere, Big Data, Smart Data, Web-Scale IT, Software-Defined Architecture, and Mobile and Cross-Platform Application Development—as well as a number of security-related topics: Internet of Threats, Cloud Security, Security by Design, etc.

For the last eight years, Auriga’s employees have been regularly included in the event’s program and used this opportunity to share hands-on experience and talk about the methodologies and tools they use as well as problems related to project management and solutions to these problems. In 2015, six of Auriga’s experts have submitted their applications to the SECR Program committee:

  1. Real-time image comparison using cloud computing, Igor Markov
    The presentation describes a project on real-time parallel image comparison used to find which image from an image database is similar to an image in question.
  1. Practical aspects of the development of a device aimed at the narrowly targeted suppression of a mobile phone signal based on a speaker’s discriminants, Nikolay Bodunov
    The presentation discusses the practical aspects of a device aimed at the direct suppression of a mobile phone signal based on a speaker’s discriminants.
  1. Combined method of analyzing business requirements and data sources for selecting architecture of modern enterprise data warehouses, Oleg Dyrdin
    In the presentation, the author examines principles and stages of a combined approach to the analysis of a formalized domain model, data sources, and business requirements based on UML and Anchor models.
  1. Pigeon Point Shelf Manager as a cross-platform management solution for AdvancedTCA systems, Sergey Zhukov
    The presentation covers using methods for cross-platform development when creating the software part of the Shelf Manager product. Shelf Manager is a hardware and software solution for management in AdvancedTCA systems developed by Pigeon Point Systems LLC.
  1. ARMv8: New version or new architecture, Sergey Temerkhanov
    The presentation discusses the differences between a new generation of ARM architecture (ARMv8) and the previous versions and whether ARMv8 should be considered a new architecture or a new ARM version.
  1. Test House – Organization of testing for projects (geographically distributed teams) in one software enterprise solution, Leonid Migunov, Arkadiy Hachikyan
    The presentation will be of interest to people who deal with a number of complications when trying to organize the work of several testing teams as well as with problems of communication between geographically distributed teams and quality assurance.

You can find abstracts for these and the rest of the presentations on the event’s website. Submitted papers will be reviewed by the Program Committee, which consists of experts from Russia, Europe, and the US. Everyone can influence the experts’ decisions by voting on the presentations that they would like to discuss during the conference. The final event’s agenda will be available in September.

We invite you all to vote for the presentations you like and look forward to meeting you in October in Moscow.

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