Auriga Delivers Four Presentations at CEE-SECR 2016


Auriga Delivers Four Presentations at CEE-SECR 2016

November 7, 2016

On October 28–30, Auriga’s experts took part in the 2016 Central & Eastern European Software Engineering Conference in Russia (CEE-SECR 2016). This year, Auriga again served as the sponsor of the event. Nearly 500 participants—experts from leading IT companies, tech entrepreneurs, investors, scientists, and IT students—met together at the Digital October Center in Moscow to share experiences and ideas and discuss the hottest topics of this year.

We are proud of the fact that Auriga’s engineers delivered four presentations that had passed the rigorous selection process and attracted much interest from the audience at the conference.

From first power-on to OS booting: Software solutions for hardware issues, Vasiliy Zakharov

The report investigates the process of ARM SoC-based device design from the point of view of a system software engineer.

MySQL’s strengths for high-loaded systems, Aleksei Kopytov

In this presentation, the author discusses MySQL’s strengths and its features that allow powering the most scalable and highly loaded web projects.

The evolution of computing systems’ remote control ideology from PICMG/IPMI to RedFish/OData, Sergey Lagutkin

This report examines the evolution of computing systems’ remote control ideology. The remote control standard structure has evolved from an “extensive definition” byte-describing integral form to a protocol/data model divided pattern with wide usage of well-known standards. The new approach helps to accelerate the development and reduce the total cost of solutions.

Apache Ignite as an alternative to the Hadoop platform for remote wearable sensor data collection and analysis system development as in the case of a Holter ECG device, Sergey Platov, Oleg Dyrdin

In this presentation, the authors share their experience in using Apache Ignite as a NoHadoop platform to develop a web service for the distributed monitoring and processing of data generated by wearable Holter ECG devices.

The last report received the highest average score among Auriga’s presentations, making Sergey Platov and Oleg Dyrdin Auriga’s leading presenters at the conference.


The event referred to all aspects of software development, from team leadership and IT training to project and product management. Along with the traditional topics, CEE-SECR 2016 hosted sessions on the most innovative, cutting-edge areas, including the Internet of Things, Big Data, advanced machine learning, mission-critical software, Mesh apps, service-oriented architecture (SOA), robotics, and more.

The conference program included invited talks, regular and blitz presentations, panel discussions, workshops, and open space talks. The keynote and invited speakers included Michael Wong (VP Research and Development, Codeplay Software), Crystal Valentine (VP Technology Strategy, MapR), David West (mentor, author, Transcendence Corporation), and other noted experts.

Auriga is a regular participant in the CEE-SECR. Our experts enjoyed the inspiring atmosphere of this year’s conference and emphasized the great variety of relevant topics addressed at the event, including programming technologies and tools, mobile and cross-platform app development, security and reliability, open source, and many others. Thus, the CEE-SECR 2016 once again proved to be an international platform for the in-depth exploration of the industry’s latest trends, cutting-edge innovations, opportunities, challenges, and solutions.

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