Sviaz 2016: Riding the Crest of Telecoms Innovation


Sviaz 2016: Riding the Crest of Telecoms Innovation

May 16, 2016

On May 10–13, Moscow hosted the 28th edition of the Sviaz International Exhibition for Information and Communications Technology that occupied about 20,000 square meters in pavilions and on open-air space of the Expocentre Fairgrounds and attracted over 40,000 professionals. According to the organizers, over 300 companies from 17 countries, including Russia, the USA, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Japan, and China, showcased their innovative telecom and IT equipment and products at the event.

The exposition traditionally covered the most relevant sectors of the industry, from communications, data networks, telecommunications, and network infrastructure to TV and radio broadcasting, IT services, Internet-based technology, and others. As 66% of visitors wanted to see more IT companies last year, Sviaz 2016 featured a new software salon to bring all software developers and distributors together and introduce a wide range of system and application software.

Auriga is a regular guest at Sviaz, which provides a unique platform for demonstrating the newest solutions and discussing the latest in information and communications technology trends. This year, microcontroller programming, wireless technologies, embedded systems, data encryption, and data transfer in IoT caught the attention of our experts.

Vitaly Zyuzin, Auriga’s Account Manager, commented on the event:

Sviaz 2016 is one of the year’s top events for the information and communications industry. It is the largest exhibition in Russia and Eastern Europe featuring the world’s achievements in the telecommunications field. We could not miss the opportunity to get a better idea of today’s market and strengthen our ties with existing and potential customers. Moreover, it was a great chance to explore new technologies, meet industry experts, and share our telecom experience.

Auriga has been developing high-class software solutions for telecom product vendors and equipment manufacturers worldwide for more than 25 years. During this time, our engineers have participated in dozens of different projects, starting from the development of system-level software for AdvancedTCA- and CompactPCI-based systems, high-availability solutions, and multi-user videoconferencing solutions and ending with the development of a real-time video transcoding service and a fully functional softphone.

Our latest projects in this area include:

  • Development of drivers for 10Gbit Ethernet controllers
  • A new Chassis Manager product to control and monitor VITA-based systems
  • Development of image compression and protected transmission algorithms for portable digital devices

Furthermore, Auriga’s team is closely involved in the development of the industry-wide PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG) standards family. The PICMG is a consortium of over 250 companies, including, for example, Intel and Motorola, that collaboratively develop open specifications for high-performance telecommunications and industrial computing applications.

You can find additional information about the services offered by Auriga in the field of software development for the telecom and related industries on our website.

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