Auriga Presents at Digitalization 2019 Forum

The second Digitalization Forum took place at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia, at the end of October. The forum gathered together Russian and international business, university, and industry stakeholders to discuss technology trends and specifics of domestic and international digital development. This year, the event attracted about 2500 participants and featured digitalization of business, economics, and education. Over 240 speakers—scientists, business persons, and experts—shared knowledge and experience, advanced solutions, and best practices.

Auriga’s experts Andrey Teterin and Airat Sadykov participated as speakers at the “Digitalization. Sports. Healthcare” panel.

Andrey Teterin, Senior Software Engineer at Auriga, in collaboration with Project Manager Oleg Dyrdin and Software Engineer Sergey Kuznetsov, reported about medical records preparation and recognition model learning in cases of labeled data shortage. The presentation compared two current approaches to object classification in EKG analysis: the deep convolutional network approach and the transfer learning method. In addition, the report identified technical difficulties as well as organizational and legal aspects, such as insufficient legal bases for publication and the high-quality anonymization of medical data.

Airat Sadykov, Project Manager at Auriga, showcased a presentation on digital twins and robots in medical device development and testing. Airat described the differences between simulators and digital twins in detail, identified the pros and cons of using robots and simulators in medical software testing, covered some medical standards requirements, and discussed how to maximize the benefits of simulation in medical device software development and automated testing.

Airat Sadykov commented:

We are very thankful for the Mobile and Embedded Software Systems Laboratory at the Research Computing Center, Moscow State University, which organized our participation in the forum. The event turned out to be a rich source of tech speakers and provided a great platform for networking, idea exchange, and international cooperation.