Auriga to Participate in Artificial Intelligence Forum

The first Artificial Intelligence Forum held by the Trade Mission of Russia in France will occur in a video conference format on February 26, 2021. Auriga, a custom software service provider, is excited to join business leaders, tech gurus and scientists, and authorities of the two countries to discuss the current trends and AI’s potential future.

The Forum aims at expanding scientific and technological ties between Russia and France and outlines joint plans for cooperation in the development of AI technologies. The participants will discuss the prospects for their application in healthcare, education, environmental protection, manufacturing, transport, energy, and other industries. Moreover, the agenda will cover the legal and ethical aspects associated with AI.

Auriga has recently become a CCI France Russie member and seeks to expand its cooperation with the French companies doing business in Russia. At the AI Forum, the company’s experts will showcase real-project implementations of AI in healthcare, the industry Auriga has served for over 17 years. While full-scale medical AI adoption is a thing of the future, Auriga provides Machine Learning and Computer Vision solutions that can bring healthcare to the new level here and now.

Machine Learning is a subset of AI that enables machines to learn by themselves and make predictions using the provided data. Its use cases in healthcare include clinical decision support, treatment personalization, infectious disease mapping, medical billing automation, and more. One of Auriga’s projects was to use Machine Learning to recognize emergency cardiac conditions based on data coming from the sensors of portable ECG Holter devices.

Computer Vision is another subset of AI that trains computers to understand and interpret digital images. In healthcare, computer vision is used in oncology, radiology, cardiology, and more areas, whether it comes to medical image analysis, a more accurate meter, or enhanced medical procedures efficiency. Auriga delivers computer vision solutions that increase diagnostics accuracy, allow early disease recognition, and improve health monitoring overall.

Andrey Shastin, Auriga’s Head of Global Business Development, Medical and Embedded Systems, comments,

We see the AI Forum as a digital platform to share ideas and exchange thoughts with industry professionals and, at the same time, explore the specificities of AI and the best practices for its application in various spheres.

The AI Forum is organized by the Trade Mission of Russia in France with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia and under the auspices of the French-Russian platform of civil societies “Trianon Dialogue”. Feel free to register for the event via the link.