Denis Tyurin Is the New Head of the Embedded and System-Level Development Division at Auriga

As you may have already read in our article “Structure Changes in Auriga’s Engineering Department,” Auriga’s engineering department has undergone essential changes brought about by the company’s fast growth. We established three new divisions within the department according to our traditionally strategic domains: embedded systems, business applications, and medical device software development. Denis Tyurin took the lead in embedded and system-level software development. This article will introduce Denis to you and detail his strategic plans for the new division’s growth.

About Denis Tyurin

Denis graduated from one of the Top-100 Russian universities, majoring in R&D of electronic devices and public relations.  He started his career as a junior software manager twenty-one years ago, and since then, he has tried his hand at different positions, from developer to architect to project manager. He started his career at Auriga as a project manager in 2011.  Denis has participated in many projects for large global companies, including equipment manufacturers and software providers, demonstrating his solid leading skills, reliability, and commitment to results.

Nearly all my projects are related to system-level and embedded software development. This domain is something at which I excel, partially because it echoes one of my hobbies—developing applications for microcontrollers. I find it exciting working with customers from different industries and learning from them.” – Denis

The Embedded and System-Level Software Development Division Manager position is new not only for Denis Tyurin but also for the company. The Division Manager will determine the company’s development strategy in their dedicated area. Elena Baranova, Auriga’s Director of Engineering, is sure that Denis will cope brilliantly with his new responsibilities:

Denis Tyurin was a perfect candidate for the Division Manager role. He is an expert in the embedded systems domain and a skillful leader with an impressive emotional intelligence level. I have always admired Denis’s ability to get along with different people. During my eight years at Auriga, I do not remember a single conflict involving him. I am sure that Denis will improve the processes entrusted to him and promote growth within the team.”

We talked to Denis and found out what changes he has already introduced and how he sees the future of his division.

“The Engineering department’s reorganization and creation of the Embedded and System-Level Software Development Division will enable us to introduce a more multifaceted approach to developing our expertise in this domain. We will shape the strategy for the division’s development together, defining the most promising technologies and exploring them even before we need to apply them to real projects. Having gained this experience in advanced technologies, we will offer the most effective solutions to our clients.

For instance, one of our priority tasks at the moment is a more detailed study of new technologies and tools in system-level and embedded software testing. It is a rather complex area, so we estimate that building expertise here may be difficult, but it is essential for the company. Now, we are focused on studying Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) techniques. We have already gained some experience working with HIL, but it is time for us to expand our expertise as we observe a strong customer need in this area.

Moreover, we plan to gain a foothold in the open-source software world by expanding our experience with the Linux Foundation—a foundation that supports open-source projects. The Linux Foundation is a non-profit organization supported by its members (companies and individual developers) either financially or through the development of open-source software. Some of our employees are already working on Linux Foundation projects, and we are planning to expand this activity and become more involved in the development of open-source software.

We also plan to organize a system for additional training for applicants. Here at Auriga, we do not take chances by looking for potential employees only in the labor market—we grow them ourselves. Several educational programs have already started for candidates who are slightly below the level required but have a good knowledge base to make up for the necessary experience. Such courses are available not only to candidates but to all applicants.” – Denis

Auriga congratulates Denis Tyurin on his promotion. Soon, we will introduce our second Division Manager, Sergey Karpushin, who will lead Auriga’s Business Applications development.

You can read more about embedded and system-level development on our website. If you are ready to discuss your project, contact our experts directly. Check out our Case Studies page to learn more about Auriga’s completed projects in embedded software development.