Structure Changes in Auriga’s Engineering Department

This August, Auriga’s engineering department has undergone essential changes that affected the department’s structure, the engineering management team’s hierarchy, and some internal processes. Brought about by Auriga’s rapid growth, especially in its engineering department, the suggested improvements will enable our company to maintain its achieved efficiency level while continuing to grow.

Changing to Grow

The company’s swift growth provoked the engineering management team’s focus shift to operational processes, while the company’s strategic objectives were sidelined. The company needed a solution that would help maintain the vital balance between the company’s strategic development and operational tasks guidance.

Elena Baranova, Auriga’s Director of Engineering, comments:

“When I joined Auriga eight years ago, there were about 200–250 people. Now we are 600+. At some point, it started getting more challenging for me to strategize in all of Auriga’s critical areas of expertise; I needed people to whom I could entrust part of my jobs. Two years ago, we started developing the department reorganization plan. It was a well-thought-out decision, a thoroughly devised product of Auriga’s PMs’ brainstorm that I am sure will work perfectly.”

As we mentioned in the article “30 Years and Counting: Auriga’s Strategic Plans”, Auriga’s strategic domains are embedded systems, enterprise, and medical device software development. To focus more on Auriga’s strategic growth in its focus domains, we have established a whole new position within the engineering department—Engineering Division Manager.

Engineering Division Manager Explained

The Engineering Division Manager will guide the growth and strategic development of the domain for which they are responsible. Appointed to the position, managers will improve projects’ development processes, research promising technical expertise opportunities, participate in the presale process, and measure employees’ KPIs.

Aside from project maintenance, Auriga’s engineering division managers will aid Auriga’s Training Center in the training activities organized for developers. Here at Auriga, we embrace our employees’ pursuit of self-improvement and expertise development. Under the guidance of the engineering division managers, Auriga’s project management teams will devise advanced courses for both our employees and anyone wishing to attend.

Combination of technical expertise and soft skills

This summer, the newly established position has been assumed by two brilliant project managers. Denis Tyurin will be responsible for embedded and system-level software development, while Sergey Karpushin will lead the business applications development stream.

With 21 years of experience in software development, Denis Tyurin has evolved from a junior software developer to a project manager. A graduate of radionics and public relations programs offered by one of the best Russian universities, Denis has that unique combination of outstanding technical expertise and the ability to get along with both techies and business people. When he joined Auriga in 2011 as a project manager, his combination of skills helped him successfully deliver lots of projects and win an impressive number of presales.

When one’s job and favorite hobby are basically the same thing, it’s way easier to develop oneself and achieve goals. Embedded software development is something at which I excel, partly because it echoes with one of my hobbies—making applications with microcontrollers. My new responsibility is something I’ve been preparing for all my life. I am already full of plans and eager to realize them,” says Denis Tyurin.

The other newly appointed Engineering Division Manager, Sergey Karpushin, was a nevertheless decent nominee. Sergey started studying IT as a sophomore and since then has evolved into a Senior Project Manager. Now, after obtaining his master’s degree in mathematics with strong leadership skills and almost 20 years of experience, Sergey is ready to take charge of a whole engineering division.

IT has been my passion ever since I was little. I wrote my first piece of code when I was seven years old; it was a tic-tac-toe game on an old Soviet computer, BK-1001. After 30 years, I am excited to be responsible for an engineering division of a great IT company. Auriga, thank you for this honor; I won’t let you down,” comments Sergey Karpushin.

Denis and Sergey were an obvious choice,” says Elena Baranova, “They are experienced, mature technical managers with successful backgrounds. They possess the exact combination of profound technical expertise and management skills essential for this newly created position. Their main focus right now is on enhancing existing processes and implementing new ones to enhance productivity within engineering teams, supporting our Business Development Department in their activities, and lining up effective communications with other departments.”

Auriga congratulates Denis Tyurin and Sergey Karpushin on their promotions. Our new Engineering Division Managers will successfully lead the company forward, defining new paths and achieving higher goals. Soon we’ll publish focused news pieces about Denis and Sergey where we’ll tell you more about their backgrounds and reveal their plans for the near future.