Auriga’s Experts in the CEE-SECR 2013 Program

SECR 2013For the sixth year in a row, Auriga’s experts are participating in the key annual software event in Central and Eastern Europe – the Software Engineering Conference in Russia. This event is one of the most remarkable platforms for leading IT experts from Russia and many other countries to exchange experiences, knowledge, and ideas.

This year, the conference will take place October 23–25 in Moscow. The program includes workshops, round tables, discussions, and, most importantly, presentations of the established software development industry from international and Russian experts.

The event is highly regarded, and it is not easy to have your presentation included in the conference program. The Conference Program Committee—which consists of recognized experts from Russia, Europe, and the US—reviews all submitted presentations and selects the best of them.

This year, the Committee received 172 proposals from Russia, the USA, the UK, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Israel, Estonia, Armenia, Pakistan, Turkey, and Germany. Out of them, the Program Committee has chosen 66 presentations to be included to the main Program and 33 to be presented as “express presentations.”

We are proud that the presentations of Auriga’s experts made it into the final list. This year, our company will be represented by four speakers with three presentations, one of the best achievements among all the companies participating in CEE-SECR 2013:

The presentation will review the basic methods and approaches of software testing for the Android OS. This presentation is based on experience of usage of Android NDK for analysis, testing, and debugging native applications: manual testing and automatic. It also examines stability, performance testing, collecting profiles, code quality checks, and tools review.

The presentation discusses the current state of affairs in the area of VoIP, considers its perspectives for the future, and offers a number of practical solutions implemented by the presentation’s authors, aimed at creating SIP appletphones and web clients for videoconferencing systems. It focuses on practical experience with such technologies as WebRTC, HLS, Adobe Flash, Java Web Start, and Silverlight. It also discusses the development issues and architecture of SIP/WebRTC/RTMP gateways.

The presentation includes the following topics: a theory behind face detection, age/gender classification, and tracking; the implementation of algorithms for mobile operating systems; and various methods of performance optimization, including parallel execution using threads and NEON instructions. Additionally, the presentation provides an overview of freely available face-detection frameworks on mobile devices, such as OpenCV library and Android face detection API.

We express our gratitude to the CEE-SECR 2013 Program Committee and invite everyone to visit this reputed industry event.