Case Study: Advanced Gesture-Recognition Framework For Mobile Devices

Auriga’s Customer—a global leader in consumer electronics, home appliances, and mobile communications—required new, advanced gesture-recognition technology for its new mobile device equipped with an ultra-sensitive touch screen. The goal was to introduce to the market the revolutionary new device with compound gestural-interaction technology, far beyond standard tapping, flicking, and dragging.

Eventually, Auriga engineers developed a Manipulation Gesture Recognition (GR) platform. This cross-platform, device-agnostic, multi-touch gesture-recognition framework consists of the following components:

  • GR Server handles gesture processing and passes touch points and/or gesture information to the client application. The Gesture Server supports manipulation gestures (e.g., drag, scale, rotate, etc.) and is extensible to support an infinite number of user-written custom gestures.
  • GR Engine comprises ink-gesture recognition (by sample) performed by the GR Algorithm and multi-touch manipulation gesture recognition.
  • GR monitoring and control tools are responsible for configuring, tuning, and monitoring the GR engine.
  • GUI Framework supports gesture recognition, providing seamless integration of the GR features with existing touch-screen functionality and new Gesture Recognition API to the GUI applications, including multi-touch support.
  • TouchScreen Driver and set of user applications were updated to become GR optimized and multi-touch aware.

The project development was split into two phases: proof of concept and production. The proof of concept phase resulted in the GR Core prototype. The production phase included finalizing the GR Core, integrating it into the GUI framework, and updating applications.

Auriga’s Customer appreciated the exceptional recognition reliability, seamless integration with GUI and ink, and manipulation gestures of the delivered solution achieved by Auriga engineers.

Tools and technologies: iGesture, Sparsh-UI, AME pattern library, Grafiti framework, Java, Java ME

You can download full version case-study here.