Case Study: Proprietary Softphone Development for a Mobile/Internet Service Provider

A feature-rich softphone is developed by Auriga for the internet users of a leading Russian mobile and internet service provider. The softphone has a full set of standard and advanced features:

  • Video/audio calls
  • Video conferences
  • Call forwarding and holding
  • Black and while lists

The unique feature of the softphone is the possibility to receive incoming calls from landline and mobile phones by assigning a softphone account to a landline number. It is planned to develop the application for MacOS, Windows and Linux and create two separate softphone versions for corporate and private clients.

The softphone is a VoIP application with a common kernel and separate clients for each of the target Oss – MacOS, Linux, Windows. A web client is created as well.

For Customer this is a better alternative for Skype (the softphone has more features compared to Skype) and provides additional possibilities for branding and advertising.

Tools and Technologies: Qt, SIP, VoIP, Video codecs: G.711, G.729a, H.263, H.264