Case Study: Respiratory Ventilation Monitor

Auriga engineers took part in the development of the 1st version of a respiratory monitoring solution for advanced lung ventilator implemented in intensive care units and positioned in the market as one of the safest ventilators ever. The monitor provides modern ventilation therapy in wide range of ventilation modes, as well as pressure support, spontaneous breathing and non-invasive ventilation options, for a particularly broad range of patients, situations and clinical settings. 

Auriga was chosen as a long-time outsourcing partner, who performed a number of projects for the Customer in previous years, all on schedule and on a high professional level. In order to correspond to the highest level of requirements to the life critical software development, Auriga development and quality management processes were assessed against a subset of SPICE (also known as ISO 15504) requirements by experts from the Customer company and Software Quality Systems AG (SQS).

After passing the assessment to assure compatibility with client’s standards, Auriga team was handed the project to develop the monitor software that would provide:

  • Ÿ Clearer visualization of user-defined static, dynamic, graphic or numeric real-time or trend data according to user-defined criteria
  • Ÿ Fast response and high reliability
  • Ÿ User-friendly interface for easier operation, with ability to display all important patient values at a glance

Auriga engineers developed prototype software and the test framework for the ventilation unit Monitor, and elaborated software requirements specification document and the design for the fully-functional version

The prototype software allowed the customer to evaluate the proposed technical solution and to use the software requirements specification as a basis for the fully-functional version. By outsourcing a significant part of development to Auriga, our Customer, a major medical device manufacturer, achieved better concentration on core business areas, thus increasing productivity, helping the company to maintain lower rates with better service solutions.

Tools and technologies: C, C++; VxWorks 5.5; VxWorks development tools; CAN