Case Study: Warehousing Automation System Multi-Tier (L1/L2/L3) Support

Auriga’s Client, a US-based technology company, specializing in automated supply chain management solutions, required a vendor partner to provide ongoing support services, including L1/L2 support / L3 sustaining engineering for the Customer’s flagship product – a warehousing automation system.

Auriga has successfully assumed the responsibility of the multi-tier support, including sustaining engineering. The supported system includes customizable work stations, a wireless network and a server-based back end system. Continue reading

Case Study: ARINC 653 Implementation in a UNIX-Based RTOS

Auriga engineers were tasked to implement an ARINC 653 interface and functionality for a UNIX-like real-time operating system (RTOS) of its long-term customer, a proven leader in the embedded systems industry delivering its software solutions to such markets as communications, aerospace and defense systems, medical, and automotive. Continue reading