CEE-SECR 2012: Extensive Knowledge and Practical Experience

The participation of Auriga’s experts in the largest software development industry event in Eastern Europe—CEE-SECR 2012 held on November 1-2 in Moscow—was very productive. We have already written that our company was represented by five speakers, which was one of the best achievements of all the companies participating in CEE-SECR 2012.

Over 700 people from 300 Russian and foreign companies visited the event. The conference attracted leaders of the Russian software development industry and established international experts such as Benjamin B. Bederson, University of Maryland; Dr. Bill Curtis, Senior Vice President and Chief Scientist with Cast Software and Director of the Consortium for IT Software Quality; and Dr. Richard Mark Soley, Chairman and CEO of Object Management Group, among others.

CEE-SECR 2012 was one of the most remarkable events dedicated to software development of the year. Within the frames of the event, a number of interesting subjects, topical issues, and solutions were discussed, and industry development trends were identified. Numerous master classes allowed the conference’s participants to gain new knowledge and share experience.

The following topics attracted the most interest from conference participants:

  • “Will the Programming Profession Survive?”
  • “Common Mistakes by Startups”
  • “How to Finance Your Business without Selling Your Soul”

Presentations by Benjamin B. Bederson (“Learning to Code in an Online World”) and Dr. Richard Mark Soley (“Modeling and the Cloud”) also garnered a great deal of attention.

Overall, all of Auriga’s participants agreed that the hosts demonstrated a high level of professionalism in organizing such an important event. Additionally, our experts emphasized the quality of the presentations, the great number and the variety of events, and the very engaged audience. Thanks to such events, new ideas, thoughts, and ambitious plans are born; partnerships are established; and complex issues are solved.

The collective opinion of all Auriga’s experts who participated in CEE-SECR 2012 was expressed by Oleg Repin, project manager: “SECR 2012 has been an interesting event, filled with presentations, meetings, and discussions. It is a great opportunity to be a part of a huge group of programmers and managers, to share your experiences, to discuss things that you are interested in, and to just have fun.”