Auriga at Roboconf 2014

When it comes to robotics, reality is still well behind science fiction. But that does not mean that actual robots will not live up to their science fiction counterparts at one point or another, especially when the rapid development of several advanced technologies in recent years has opened up entirely new possibilities and moved us even closer to the age of robotics.

In no small measure, robotics will depend on the Internet of Things (IoT). It’s just the natural evolution of technology—machines and devices connected into functioning, intelligent systems, the Internet-powered robots. Continue reading

Auriga Develops an Application for Google Glass

“The Internet of Things will change everything—including ourselves,” says Dave Evans, Cisco’s Chief Futurist.  Indeed, the Internet of Things is one of the key terms used today in the area of information technologies. Cars, watches, ATMs, washing machines, refrigerators, numerous sensors—all of these smart devices connected to the Internet have been created to simplify our lives. Continue reading