Auriga Showcases New Wireless Patient Monitoring App Built With Intel’s Multi-OS Engine at Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco

The Intel Developer Forum (IDF) is one of the key technology events that gathers IT industry leaders, decision makers, developers, and designers to share their experience, demonstrate innovative solutions, and explore the vast possibilities of the new wave of technology-driven products and services.

This year’s forum took place on August 18–20 in San Francisco and proved to be the ideal place for gaining insight into Intel’s ecosystem. Continue reading

Intel® INDE Media Pack for Android Tutorials – Advanced Video Capturing for Unity3d Applications

At the end of the previous tutorial we noticed the issue about Unity* GUI layer.  But imagine that you already have a complicated Unity game with intensive GUI usage. What to do? Read this tutorial. It’s about more advanced use of Intel® INDE Media Pack for Android*. Moreover now we can use free version of Unity. How? We will explore the approach without fullscreen image postprocessing effects. Continue reading

Case Study: Warehousing Automation System Multi-Tier (L1/L2/L3) Support

Auriga’s Client, a US-based technology company, specializing in automated supply chain management solutions, required a vendor partner to provide ongoing support services, including L1/L2 support / L3 sustaining engineering for the Customer’s flagship product – a warehousing automation system.

Auriga has successfully assumed the responsibility of the multi-tier support, including sustaining engineering. The supported system includes customizable work stations, a wireless network and a server-based back end system. Continue reading

Case Study: Advanced Gesture-Recognition Framework For Mobile Devices

Auriga’s Customer—a global leader in consumer electronics, home appliances, and mobile communications—required new, advanced gesture-recognition technology for its new mobile device equipped with an ultra-sensitive touch screen. The goal was to introduce to the market the revolutionary new device with compound gestural-interaction technology, far beyond standard tapping, flicking, and dragging. Continue reading