Case Study: Warehousing Automation System Multi-Tier (L1/L2/L3) Support

Auriga’s Client, a US-based technology company, specializing in automated supply chain management solutions, required a vendor partner to provide ongoing support services, including L1/L2 support / L3 sustaining engineering for the Customer’s flagship product – a warehousing automation system.

Auriga has successfully assumed the responsibility of the multi-tier support, including sustaining engineering. The supported system includes customizable work stations, a wireless network and a server-based back end system. Continue reading

Case Study: Patient Monitor UI Development

For Auriga’s Client, a worldwide leader in medical device manufacturing, Auriga has been developing a low-cost patient monitoring solution to be used in a variety of clinical settings, without compromising on quality or performance.

As a part of the project, Auriga’s engineers had to develop an intuitive, easy-to-read graphical user interface that meets the current requirements in the healthcare industry. Continue reading

Case Study: Universal GSM Telemetry Framework

GSM TelemetryThe client needed a software-development framework for telemetry systems to be distributed with one of the new GSM devices, targeted at providers of industry-specific mobile solutions or corporate users. To increase the product appeal and competitive advantage, Auriga’s Customer decided to offer the device bundled with an SW framework to make the software development as easy and fast as possible. Continue reading

Case Study: Automated Test Suites for Hot Swap and High Availability Package

Auriga engineers performed a comprehensive set of automated test suites for industry’s first Hot Swap and High Availability package. The test suites exercised operation of various hardware and software components of Motorola’s CPX8216 high availability chassis, which operated under control of the Hot Swap and High Availability LynxOS package. Continue reading

Case Study: Content-management System for Mobile Advertisements

Auriga’s Customer, an ISV company that develops and delivers innovative mobile multimedia and advertising solutions to mobile operators and content providers, entered the market of mobile advertising with a multi-channel media-rich advertisement solution for the delivery of optimized, high-quality, multimedia advertisements over different delivery channels. Continue reading