Development & Customization

QA and Testing

Maintenance and Support

Thousands of teams use SugarCRM and SuiteCRM systems to track leads, accounts, and opportunities, monitor projects and deals, and fully manage customer lifecycles – all in one place. However, each company has unique requirements and the default version of CRM may not match every business model.

Auriga is eager to help companies take their customer relationships to the next stage by offering SugarCRM/SuiteCRM customization. Our skilled programmers align SugarCRM/SuiteCRM to the size, processes and operations of your business, enabling workflow automation, the highest ROI, and customer satisfaction.

Custom Modules

Extend your CRM system with new modules matching your business needs or enhance the existing modules.

Custom Plugins

Seamlessly integrate your CRM system with 3rd party business applications through direct API calls or data feeds using SOAP/REST approaches.

Custom Reports and Dashboards

Generate different types of reports using multiple filters or build custom workflow processes allowing automated reporting.

Custom Fields

Customize your CRM by adding new fields based on your specific business requirements.

"Auriga engineering teams have been highly competent, effective and disciplined; even more important, they have made important contributions to the business success of each venture. It has been a pleasure to work with this professional organization and its people."

"The real benefits were the fact that they were able to solve hard problems, the difficult problems that we were not getting out with some other outsourcing vendors."

"Auriga's teams have consistently delivered quality software designed for maintainability and usability."


Vast tech skills set (any stack based on Java, C#, .Net or PHP)

Time-proven mature processes in place (CMMI compliance)

Transparent communications and Agile methodologies to keep you on track

Added value for every customer (mobile and web development expertise, cloud storage services, Big Data analytics and more)


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