Cloud Migration

How to Get Cloud Migration Right

Decided to migrate your business to the cloud to improve Performance, Scalability, Security, Cost and Business Agility?

Now you need to understand how to proceed:

  • What is the migration process?
  • What are the next steps/tasks, prioritization and duration?
  • What are recurring and non-recurring costs?

Skip the guesswork and follow a proven comprehensive roadmap using our easy three-step approach:

1. Strategize
  • Perform Business case and Technical Audits
  • Create Dependency Diagrams
  • Define System Requirements
2. Architect
  • Identify Technology Stack
  • Capture Data Management Requirements
  • Evaluate Software Lifecycle Costs
3. Deliver
  • Application Development
  • Data Optimization
  • Testing - QA/QC

Migration is a team work which demands cross functional collaboration of a wide range of domain experts. Evolving the DevOps practices resolves the incompatibilities arising from the active interaction of development specialists with information technology services specialists. DevOps implementation binds the mutual work processes into each other to ensure product quality.

Auriga provides a whitepaper with guidelines and factors streamlining your cloud migration journey.

This whitepaper contains:

A step-by-step guide on how to create a comprehensive cloud migration strategy
A handy checklist to help you plan and optimize your cloud migration process
A cloud migration case study illustrating our Strategize-Architect- Deliver approach

Ready to optimize your cloud migration?

Download our free whitepaper and experience our 3-step approach, Strategize-Architect-Deliver, to relieve the stress and achieve success migrating to the cloud