Auriga Baltics is currently expanding its software development team and looking for new employees



Experience in software development, analysis of technical requirements & tasks estimation;Experience with AngularJS and a huge plus would be experience with Angular2+;Working knowledge of Java,

Advanced development experience of ASP.NET and .NET WinForms applications; At least 3 years’ experience in software products development using C#; Experience of commercial software products

At least 2-4 years’ experience in Android and Software development; Familiarity with REST API’s to connect Android applications to back-end services; Knowledge of Android UI

Vast experience in Web and Software development; Web and mobile applications development using a combination of PHP, Laravel, REST API’s, Angular and Java; Working knowledge

At least 3-4 years' experience in software development;Good knowledge of Java and HTML/JS/CSS;Experience in unit tests & integration tests development;

Experience in software development;Knowledge of software development on embedded platforms;Experience in multithreading, networking, JIRA, Clearcase;

Good knowledge of software testing; Experience in Web development; Good understanding of software development process and testing methodology; Experience in test specification writing;

1+ year experience in Embedded Software Testing or Development; Experience of using oscilloscope; Understanding of Agile methodology;

Good programming experience in C, C++; Object oriented design and development; Implementation and execution of unit tests;


Auriga Partners with Parasoft to Boost Test Automation Services

Auriga Partners with Parasoft to Boost Test Automation Services

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