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Together with the team you will take a part in verification and test management activities for medical system. 

You would join the team who is developing and designing software for a medical equipment.

In this project you will get a possibility to be a part of protection and lifesaving equipment creation.

In this project you can be part of the experienced team developing simple and elegant platform technology that controls hardware resources.

You will support the team development process and tools used in medical area, large hospitals and clinics.

Together with our customer you will be working on customization and further development of Core Banking Platform.

Together with the team you will be responsible for the development of a mobile banking app.


Auriga Talks at the Medical Device Software Development and Compliance Conference

Auriga Talks at the Medical Device Software Development and Compliance Conference

Auriga, a custom software development services provider, participated in the European Medical Device Software Development and Compliance Virtual Conference in October 2021. Andrey Shastin, Auriga’s…

Auriga Inc. is Named the Top Recommended IoT Company with Presence in Russia

With more than three decades of valuable experience in custom software development, Auriga has long been a global leader in the software IT outsourcing services…

Structure Changes in Auriga’s Engineering Department

This August, Auriga’s engineering department has undergone essential changes that affected the department’s structure, the engineering management team’s hierarchy, and some internal processes. Brought about…

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