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End-to-end custom firmware and drivers development for CPU manufacturer

A renowned semiconductor manufacturer sought Auriga's assistance in creating firmware and drivers for a one-of-a-kind, inventive processor. Discover how our client built the processor from the ground up with a novel architecture, launched it to the market, and integrated its updates into recognized Linux distributions.

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    The manufacturer of highly integrated ARM and MIPS-based semiconductor processors providing intelligent networking and communications applications, storage and security systems for enterprise systems, data centers, telecommunications equipment, consumer electronics, as well as equipment for telecom operators and programmable switches. The customer’s solutions have earned multiple industry awards for their effectiveness and benefits.


    • Software porting to the hardware platform with a brand-new architecture
    • A limited number of new processors are available for testing product functionality


    • The new processor was released one year earlier than planned
    • The processor software was included in recognized Linux distributions
    • The new hardware platform’s effectiveness and performance were showcased at industry conferences and forums, resulting in the processor gaining recognition within the Linux community

    This case is absolutely for you if:


    You are involved in software development and lack expertise in Linux kernel and drivers development


    Your in-house team efforts should focus on new products development


    You desire the specific software for your hardware platform to be included in official Linux distributions