Ensuring Medical Device
Interoperability with Hospitals' Legacy Systems

This 11-page whitepaper provides a detailed overview of challenges that occur while converting legacy systems into IEEE 11073 SDC and shares Auriga’s solution development experience in ensuring medical device interoperability with hospitals’ legacy systems. We summarize our experience with confidence that it can be applied to most point of care medical devices in the market. whitepaper

Discover new SDC protocol

Hospital operators and medical device manufacturers in Europe, the U.S., Canada, and Japan are adopting the new SDC (service-oriented device connectivity) standard published by the ISO. SDC complements the healthcare IT standards landscape that typically uses HL7 v2, HL7 FHIR and DICOM allowing the transmission of data between medical devices.

The SDC standard allows for bidirectional or device-to-device communication enabling hospital network security and maintaining safety in highly acute environments. It addresses the most common device-related challenges hospitals and clinics face today, including:

  • conventional medical device cybersecurity
  • health data exchange and availability
  • medical device external control
  • data visualization and analytics
  • automated documentation
  • reducing alarm fatigue in healthcare

This whitepaper describes

  • Eight challenges of proprietary protocol conversion to SDC protocol (and how to overcome them)
  • Two potential bottlenecks that most likely compromise the workload of the proprietary protocol converter if not addressed properly
  • Three steps to embracing manufacturer-independent medical device connectivity for secure health information exchange in hospitals

As a member of the OR.NET e.V. association, committed to international standardization and manufacturer-independent medical device networking, we are sure that this whitepaper will help you investigate the challenges and mitigate the potential risks beforehand.

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