Medical Device Interoperability

Ensure Medical Device Interoperability with Hospitals’ Legacy Systems

Hospital operators and medical device manufacturers in Europe, the U.S., Canada, and Japan are adopting the new IEEE 11073 SDC (service-oriented device connectivity) standard allowing the transmission of data between medical devices

This whitepaper describes:

Eight challenges of proprietary protocol conversion to SDC protocol (and how to overcome them)
Two potential bottlenecks that most likely compromise the workload of the proprietary protocol converter if not addressed properly
Three steps to embracing manufacturer-independent medical device connectivity for secure health information exchange in hospitals
In this whitepaper we summarize our experience in converting legacy systems into IEEE 11073 SDC with confidence that it can be applied to most point of care medical devices in the market

The SDC standard addresses:

Medical device cybersecurity
Health data exchange & availability
Medical device external control
Data visualization & analytics
Automated documentation
Reducing alarm fatigue in healthcare

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