Cloud Migration

How to Get Cloud Migration Right

Decided to migrate your monolith application to microservices - evaluate microservice architecture benefits:

  • Independency - migrate your application step by step
  • Scalability - each application can be scaled autonomously
  • Downtime reduction - in case of fault of one application all other stay active
  • Codebase shortening - maintenance of short code parts is unchallenging in comparison with long codebases of monolith app.

Improve your Performance, Scalability, Security, Cost and Business Agility with migration to cloud.

1. Strategize
  • Perform Business case and Technical Audits
  • Create Dependency Diagrams
  • Define System Requirements
2. Architect
  • Identify Technology Stack
  • Capture Data Management Requirements
  • Evaluate Software Lifecycle Costs
3. Deliver
  • Application Development
  • Data Optimization
  • Testing - QA/QC
Auriga provides a whitepaper that describes these three key project phases with guidelines and factors streamlining your cloud migration journey

This whitepaper contains:

A step-by-step guide on how to create a comprehensive cloud migration strategy
A handy checklist to help you plan and optimize your cloud migration process
A cloud migration case study illustrating our Strategize-Architect- Deliver approach

Ready to optimize your cloud migration?

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