Hyperledger Fabric Supply Chain


Hyperledger Fabric Supply Chain

Angular   ·    blockchain   ·    Golang   ·    Hyperledger Fabric   ·    Java   ·    Kafka   ·    Spring


A multinational automaker hired Auriga to develop and implement a supply chain based on Hyperledger Fabric to ensure fast, reliable and secure assets management and data exchange for automaker, 3PL, wholesale companies and dealer centers.

Projects Highlights

Business flow research, user cases, scenarios developed.

Web interface for reporting and administration developed.

REST interface for data exchange implemented.

Integration with 3rd party DBs and document management systems.

Achieved Benefits

Ability to track vehicle, its history of sales and shipment using VIN shortly after data is loaded to the blockchain.

Advanced reporting and risk management.


Hyperledger Fabric  ·  Java  ·  Spring

Golang  ·  Angular  ·  Docker  ·  Kafka


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