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To provide superior software R&D services worldwide by translating our key principles into daily practice.

Key Principles

Focus on Results.
We are results-driven: we never stop and we always find a way to solve the problem. We are pragmatic: we use what works and we improve what doesn’t. We are smart: we understand the actual goal behind any request and implement the optimal solution. 
Exceed Expectations.
We set goals high and give us all to reaching them. We go the extra mile and do more than expected and formally required of us. We never stop in self-improvement. 
Be Responsible.
We always keep our word and don’t promise what doesn’t depend on us. We make decisions within boundaries of our responsibility and answer for all decisions and omissions, actions and hesitations. We strictly follow the agreements and execute decisions and orders. We keep confidential info secure.

Work as a Team of Individuals.
We always keep joint interests in mind and listen to the advice of others. We respect individuality and help everybody to stay happy and productive. We support and trust each other and assist other team members with their needs and problems. We share ideas and information at all levels of the company and don’t keep each other in the dark.