Empowering your business through improving user experience, business process automation, data analysis and visualization.

We offer software development services for workflow, document, content, and knowledge-management applications as well as for e-Commerce, sales-support, and CRM systems. Auriga engineers have extensive experience developing all levels of n-tier distributed software (back-end, middleware, front-end) and projects for large multinationals and small startups.

Workflow, document and content management systems

The Auriga team has successfully accomplished a variety of projects in the development and implementation of workflow and DMS for enterprise networking needs, covering the creation, storage, retrieval, and re-use of documents. Auriga engineers’ solid experience allows them to create a wide range of CMSs—from standalone to complex web-based systems.

  • Custom workflow and DMS/CMS development, re-engineering, QA, maintenance, enhancement, and support
  • Implementation of Web-based solutions from scratch:
    • System architecture
    • Functional design
    • GUI design
    • Development
    • Quality assurance
    • Maintenance
    • Customer support
  • DMS module development and maintenance
  • Integration with third-party products
  • GUI-based workflow application development
  • Rework, maintenance, and support of a role-based Web thin-client application
  • Web-DAV interface implementation
  • Internationalization, Unicode support

Collaboration and portal software

Auriga has gained extensive experience in the development of a complete portal infrastructure with a focus on people-centric integration of various types of business information. Our solutions help companies combine all types of data and content and transform them into well-structured assets, decreasing the time required to locate and access information and providing collaboration transparency to ensure efficient daily operations within the company.

  • Data import/export tools
  • Business flow automation
  • Individual, project, and team workspace automation
  • Business intelligence modules based on business processes in place
  • Dashboards, discussion boards, blogs, forums, Wikis
  • Mailing and instant messaging modules
  • Document management and workflow automation
  • Search engine optimization
  • Workspaces for individual, team, and project work
  • Video-conferencing and operational live meetings
  • Secure mobile e-mail and SMS services
  • Integration and remote access to third-party ERP and BI systems
  • Intranet/internet portals for geographically distributed teams and branches

SugarCRM/SuiteCRM Custom Development

Auriga is eager to help companies take their customer relationships to the next stage by offering SugarCRM/SuiteCRM customization. Our skilled programmers align SugarCRM/SuiteCRM to the size, processes and operations of your business, enabling workflow automation, the highest ROI, and customer satisfaction.

  • Custom Modules
  • Custom Plugins
  • Custom Reports and Dashboards
  • Custom Fields

Data migration

Although often left in the shadow of software development, data migration accompanies almost every IT infrastructure change. Hardware or software upgrades, consolidation of different applications, office relocation, or performance optimization—all of these situations require the movement of data, a not-so-trivial task involving risks and additional costs.

To avoid mistakes that can impair software availability and overall business performance, you need to engage real professionals with the proper competencies and technical qualifications to perform data migration. Auriga’s engineers are here to offer all of the services listed below:

  • Data migration from/to MS SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, MySQL, and PostgreSQL
  • Database design, optimization of DB structure, queries, and stored procedures
  • Data analysis, data cleaning, data consolidation
  • Development of ultra-high-performance applications working with large volumes of data (> 500 GB)
  • Development of elaborated high-performance reports using Crystal Reports, MS Reporting Services, XF Rendering Server 2005/2007, Aspose, Jasper Reports, and in-house report-building tools

Enterprise security

Auriga engineers have significant experience in authentication protocol design and implementation, authorization, cryptography, PKI, and Active Directory. Our specialists have been involved in implementing secure network communications, PC access control, e-mail and data encryption, and other similar projects. One of our recent projects is the development of an enterprise-oriented sensitive data protection system that controls all operations with the selected data based on the rule set provided from the central server.

Auriga specializes in the information security systems development in the following areas:

  • Enterprise Security
  • Protection of Telecommunications
  • Secure Document Management
  • Protection of intellectual property rights
  • Desktop security
  • Protection of E-commerce
  • Protection of producers’ and customers’ rights against counterfeiting
  • Other security applications

The list of offered Enterprise Security Services includes, but is not limited to:

  • Design, development and maintenance of integrated information security systems
  • Development of software that protects information from unauthorized access
  • Tools for cryptographic information protection for desktop and geographically distributed corporate systems
  • Development of adaptive control tools for network security (protectability analysis stems, attack revealing systems, and firewalls)
  • Development of secure e-mail and web-traffic content control tools



  • Java
  • .Net
  • MS Silverlight
  • MS Sharepoint


  • J-Integra, OpenLDAP
  • Jakarta commons
  • Spring MVC, Stripes
  • Struts, JSF, GWT
  • Adobe Flex, Tapestry
  • Spring, Springroo
  • Apache commons
  • Pure JSP/Servlet
  • JWAA, Grails, Wicket
  • Cocoon, Ruby, Hibernate
  • Swing, jQuery, jUnit
  • Jaxb 1, JOGL
  • JMonkey, JMock, Maven3

Portals and Server

  • IBM WebSphere
  • BEA Weblogic
  • Jboss
  • Tomcat
  • Microsoft IIS
  • LifeRay


  • MS SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • DB2
  • Sybase
  • MySQL
  • PostgeSQL

Network Stacks

  • TCP/IP
  • SNMP
  • POP3
  • SMTP
  • Sendmail
  • DNS