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Comprehensive firmware development services for hardware vendors: control equipment remotely, process sensor data, connect devices into IoT infrastructure.

The 21st century brings a dramatic increase in the evolution of technology and, thus, new challenges for OEM vendors, industrial and consumer equipment manufacturers, and software product vendors as they face the tasks that require complex kernel-level development.

Auriga frequently deals with OS kernel, standalone driver, and Board Support Package (BSP) development projects for both OS and board vendors. Auriga has developed diversified expertise with multiple types of peripherals and processor architectures and a wide variety of operating systems. This accumulated experience and knowledge enable Auriga to create any driver for virtually any OS/device combination.


Auriga engineers always demonstrate a keen insight into kernel-related technologies, allowing Auriga to offer highly customizable solutions tailored to meet unique needs. Auriga delivers the following kernel-level services:

  • Custom kernel development services tailored individually to meet the unique needs of Auriga’s clients. Auriga’s extensive development background ranges from enhancing kernel functionality to kernel modification to many other working solutions.
  • Kernel testing, analysis, and defect fixing—kernel-related defect analysis, issue identification, and efficient solution development and implementation
  • Kernel-level driver development
  • Kernel porting of any complexity


The development of stable, reliable, and maintainable device drivers requires specialized knowledge, experience, and tools. Auriga has acquired considerable expertise backed by 20+ years of working on a large number of projects involving development, maintenance, and testing of a variety of device drivers. The experience gained by Auriga enables custom drivers development for consumer electronics, storage devices, and smart equipment in a process-oriented, predictable manner, including:

  • Computer hardware: peripherals, sound and graphic cards, boards, data storage
  • Networking hardware
  • Wearables: sensors, touchscreens, touch controllers
  • Multimedia devices: image and sound processing, video streaming
  • Virtual device drivers


Auriga deals with BSP projects on a regular basis. A board may be equipped with both standard and unique hardware components, so a BSP is a customization of an OS that provides software applications with methods to properly use the board components. Typically, the scope of a BSP development project includes:

  • board-specific core OS (initialization and management of hardware components that are crucial for OS operation—bridges, timers, interrupt controller, etc.);
  • set of device drivers for additional hardware components (on-board and/or peripheral devices) supported by the BSB—Ethernet, hard disk, keyboard and video adapter, etc.);
  • set of interfaces and associated development tools for building the custom software on top of the BSP.

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