Solutions for software and high‑tech vendors

Our engineering teams design, develop, deliver and test scalable, stable, secure and high-performing next generation digital products that define technology future.

For decades, Auriga has specialized in assisting vendors of software and high-tech products, as well as software-heavy internet companies, with developing, maintaining, and testing their products. We seamlessly extend our customers’ existing engineering teams and address their needs with the following:

Quick Reaction

Modern development methodologies require constant monitoring of end-user needs and adjusting product requirements, roadmaps, and architecture to stay in sync with market demand. This is particularly true for new product development initiatives, where each new key customer and early beta release brings new insights and priority changes.

Auriga provides a flexible dedicated team model, using Agile development methodologies (even for regulated industries like medical devices) and focusing on communication in its engineering process. We go beyond following static, lengthy specifications – we shape the project together with our customers in real time.

Focus on Communications

The domain-specific and product-specific knowledge within our clients’ existing engineering teams is much deeper than what is captured in documentation.

Auriga relies on extensive horizontal communication between members of the engineering and product management teams on both sides. We don’t need everything on paper before starting and don’t require additional payments each time requirements or designs change.

Minimizing Overhead

The existing engineering team already has tools and processes in place. They have no desire or time to learn new systems or support a second set of processes daily.

Auriga adapts to your tools and processes, only suggesting additions or updates if some process areas are uncovered or if you request modernization of your current approach. This minimizes disruption and ensures seamless collaboration.

Proven Expertise

Auriga has thousands of man-years of experience working with ISVs, high-tech vendors, and internet companies—from industry giants to startups. Our portfolio includes online music/multimedia streaming services, real-time operating systems, medical devices, internal banking applications, weather services, mobile mail clients, enterprise information protection systems, and telecom devices.

Please contact us using the form on the right of the page or any other convenient method to learn how Auriga can help you with your product or service.

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