Solutions for software and high‑tech vendors

Our engineering teams design, develop, deliver and test scalable, stable, secure and high-performing next generation digital products that define technology future.

For decades, Auriga has been specializing in helping vendors of software and high-tech products and software-heavy internet companies to develop, maintain, and test their products. We become a seamless extension of the existing engineering team of our customers and address their needs with the following:

Quick reaction

Modern development methodologies assume constant monitoring of the end user’s needs and the adjustment of product requirements, roadmaps, and product architecture to stay in sync with the market demand. That’s especially true for new product development initiatives when every newly acquired key customer and every early release beta-tested on real users bring new knowledge and changes in priorities.

Auriga provides a flexible dedicated team model, using Agile development methodologies (even for regulated industries like the medical device industry) and focusing on communications in its engineering process. We do much more than follow rapidly aging, lengthy written specifications – we shape the project together with our customers in real time.

Focus on communications

The domain-specific and product-specific knowledge possessed by the existing engineering teams of our clients are much deeper than what’s captured in internal and external documentation.

Auriga relies on extensive horizontal communications between the members of the engineering/product management teams on both sides. We don’t need to have everything on paper before we can start working, and we don’t ask you to sign yet another addendum and make yet another payment each time something changes in the requirements or designs.

Minimizing overhead.

The existing engineering team already has tools and processes in place. Nobody on the existing customer’s engineering team has any desire to learn new systems and processes or any spare time to support the second set of processes on a daily basis.

Auriga doesn’t require the existing team to change anything significant in their daily operation in order to work on the same product side-by-side with the remote team. We will use the tools and processes you use and only suggest additions and updates if some of the process areas are not covered or you request modernization of your current approach.

We have thousands of man-years of experience dealing with ISVs, high-tech vendors, and internet companies—from industry giants to startups. Among our customers are IBM, Draeger Medical, and Lynx Software. Products we’ve worked on include online music/multimedia streaming services, real-time operating systems, medical devices, internal banking applications, a weather service, a mobile mail client, an enterprise information protection system, and telecom devices.

Please contact us using the form at the right of the page or any other convenient method to learn how Auriga can help you with your product or service.

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