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Software Simulation for Embedded Systems

Software modeling and simulation for embedded systems: virtual platforms for software, hardware and hybrid simulation. Reduce time to market, adopt Agile practices, improve product quality.

Why use software simulation?

If Embedded System is:
  • Not yet available
  • Limited
  • Inaccessible
System simulation allows you to:
  • Shift Left – Parallelize development of software and hardware
  • Use unmodified binary software in simulation and hardware
  • Provide each engineer with dedicated system for development, testing and debugging
  • Leverage advanced debugging capabilities
  • Adopt Agile practices
  • Start verification and validation early
  • Improve product quality
  • Establish Continuous Integration with automated tests
  • Track code coverage


  • Embedded system simulation
  • Architectural exploration
  • Test automation
  • Peripheral simulation
  • Robotized testing
  • Hybrid simulation
  • Pre-silicon validation
  • Hardware/software co-development
  • Code porting
  • Mathematical modeling

Why Auriga?

Agile practices to enable industry standard performance from pre-silicon validation, to simulation and hybrid setups towards production environment deployment
  • Commercial: Simics, Virtualizer
    (* subject to licensing)
  • Open-source: QEMU
  • Customer's proprietary simulators
  • Developed by Auriga
Devices range from medical, labor safety, POS terminals up to integrated SoCs, boards and systems
The world-class simulation platform developed by Auriga recognized by Military & Aerospace Electronics' 2018 Technology Innovation Awards
50+ experts currently working on software modeling projects
Simple extension of the customer's engineering team over 10+ years has evolved into independent Auriga managed development center with over several dozens of engineers

Recent Projects

World's #1 software engineering outsourcing provider:

fully-managed dedicated teams and projects;
new software development, sustaining engineering, software testing.


Medical device software development

Learn how to use the combination of digital twins, robots and manual testing in software development for medical devices.

Software update

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most popular framework environments for the Internet of Things (IoT) alongside Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud IoT.

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