Web-application development

End-to-end custom B2B and B2C web application development for e-commerce, e-learning and data analytics.

Auriga is widely known for its system-level, embedded and mobile expertise. What people sometimes forget that Auriga does web development as well. Yes, we don’t do simple websites. However, we have delivered many successful projects for clients who needed complex web services, which process multimedia streams in real-time, gather data from embedded devices, combine a modern interface with complex data crunching algorithms, require non-traditional data storage mechanisms underneath.

To develop those apps we have used Ruby-on-Rails, Grails and Groovy, Java with Spring and Hibernate, .Net, Adobe Flash/Flex and Silverlight, JSP, EJB, JBoss, Tomcat and many more. We stored data in various databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, implemented search with Apache Lucene / Solr, worked with Amazon Web Services (S3, EC2, SES, etc), and even created proprietary petabyte data storage.

In short, our experience includes creating such web applications as:

  • Multi-tenant music store/catalogue service
  • Social network portal for sharing and exchanging multimedia files
  • Online service for storing personal multimedia files
  • Video-conferencing solution
  • Collaborative idea generation and idea management platform
  • Entertainment portal for users of a broadband Internet provider
  • In-game communication and digital games distribution portal
  • Web-based trading platform

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