Corporate social responsibility

Auriga’s CSR strategy reflects our commitment to innovation, fair business practices, and investment in our people.

Amid the geopolitical instability that characterizes the year 2023, it becomes even more imperative for Auriga Inc. to reaffirm our dedication to the values that have defined us for over three decades. Our company represents people of diverse origins and political views, but our shared purpose unites us – to make the world a better, safer, and more prosperous place for all.

Throughout our journey, Auriga has played an integral role in software development and testing for products that save lives in hospitals, connect people and devices worldwide, maintain safety in the working environment, and ensure the reliability of mission-critical equipment. We take immense pride in our contributions to society, knowing that our work touches lives and brings positive change.

But our commitment extends far beyond the realm of technology. It resides in the hearts of our employees who have consistently engaged in charity and volunteering efforts, bringing hope and catalyzing positive changes in their communities. This ethos of giving back has always been a part of our corporate culture, and we will continue to foster it.

As we navigate the uncertain waters, let us remain resolute in pursuing a brighter future. Our shared values of integrity, innovation, and social responsibility will guide us through these tumultuous times, allowing us to emerge more robust and resilient than ever.

Thank you for your unwavering dedication to the Auriga mission. Together, we will continue to make a difference, not just in the tech world but in the lives of countless individuals around the globe.

To read Auriga’s 2023 CSR report, please click here.

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