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Services: Software Development

Auriga has accumulated comprehensive experience in software development through 20+ years of serving customers including LynuxWorks, IBM, Dräger Medical, and many others. Auriga successfully delivers complex projects and is capable of offering sophisticated and flexible solutions tailored to meet each customer’s requirements. Our services are not limited to the relatively easy phases of the product development—from software requirements specifications through design and coding to testing and validation. Auriga has proven its ability to perform full cycle product engineering that starts with gathering/understanding end-user/customer requirements, and includes conceptualization, product lifecycle management, product maintenance tasks, and requires Auriga’s project team to function as a real seamless extension to the client engineering team.

From the very beginning, Auriga has focused on serving the high-tech and software product companies and has built unique model offerings that make the software development and other services really convenient and efficient for this category of clients. As the software development service for Auriga is actually the core of almost any client engagement, a complete picture of Auriga’s software development capabilities is built from the description of a full range of services and models provided by our company. Please take a look at the set of solutions for different categories of clients, where each solution contains software development, product engineering, and product maintenance as its essential element.

Auriga’s list of successfully completed projects includes numerous large and midsize tasks requiring software development and support. The Auriga professional software engineering team is experienced in product development with all major operating systems, including different types of Linux, Windows, and several real-time and embedded operating systems. Some of the OS (BlueCat embedded Linux distribution, for example) and their tools (such as SpyKer or Luminosity), have been developed in part by, or with direct involvement of, Auriga engineers. Our engineering teams resolve the challenges arising in the development of multi-platform products and complex tasks.