Software outsourcing services: behind the scenes
Insights October 18, 2021
Vyacheslav Vanyulin, CEO of Auriga Inc., a custom software development services provider, has recently been interviewed by Adam Sage from ModernCTO, a podcast platform where CTOs, Lead...
Established to Deliver: 5 Reasons Our Clients Choose Auriga
Insights July 19, 2021
The software outsourcing market has had its ups and downs since the early 1990s, but we are currently witnessing rapid growth. Before 2020, the market...
Product Analysts Explained: Product Development in the Era of Digital Transformation
Insights June 21, 2021
Digital transformation is challenging companies all around the world. It targets all of a company’s main business and operational processes and creates a lot of...
Big or Small? Provider Size in Custom Software Development
Insights June 14, 2021
When choosing a software development and testing services provider, you need to rely on specific and measurable parameters. Potential partner size is most likely crucial...
Alarm fatigue in healthcare, medical device interoperability
Insights December 17, 2020
Nearly every medical device in modern hospitals is outfitted with an alarm – patient monitors, infusion pumps, ventilators, pulse oximeters, sequential compression devices, beds, and...
Software engineer training
Insights November 24, 2020
Every year, the hiring of software or test engineers is becoming increasingly challenging. According to a survey by Indeed, one of the largest online recruiting...
Project management
Insights November 10, 2020
The unfolding COVID-19 pandemic, with its unpredictability, rapid spread, and lack of tried and tested risk-mitigation scenarios, has pushed stress levels up among all project...
Digital equipment for heart monitoring in the intensive care unit.
Insights October 06, 2020
With the increase in the number and variety of healthcare facility settings evolving into complex specialized environments, the number of challenges also is on the...
How to choose best custom software development company
Insights August 25, 2020
Considering custom software development or software development outsourcing? Then you have probably faced the frustration of trying to choose a reliable vendor that perfectly meets...
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