Auriga’s Internship Program – Opportunities for Software Engineers

Auriga Training Center, operating since 2005, enters a new maturity stage. Auriga launches an internship program allowing Training Center graduates to start a full-time job on a real-life software development project and gradually blend in with mature Auriga engineering team.

This program poses a lot of benefits for Auriga which is naturally interested in attracting highly motivated software developers trained in relevant software R&D areas, as well as for the interns who have a great chance to apply up-to-date software development knowledge from the classes to live projects.

Auriga Training Center was created in November 2005 at the premises of Moscow State University, and has been running and expanding to new locations ever since, providing senior students, graduates, and postgraduates with advanced IT training and hands-on experience in top-notch technologies, highly demanded by Auriga’s customers.

Every semester, several groups of students in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod and Rostov-on-Don are formed from the applicants that meet the entrance level requirements. There is no tuition fee, and the course is unique in its combination of practical skills training with academic-level theory knowledge. Auriga is especially well-known for its programs in system-level programming technologies such as Linux Kernel Programming Fundamentals and Advanced Linux Kernel Programming. Today the available training programs also include courses on Java, .NET, software testing, and a newly introduced course on banking core systems tools.

We are glad to offer an intern placement to highly-motivated candidates with solid knowledge and practical skills. The three-month internship program combines working on actual software development projects with training and learning tasks. This can be viewed on as a probation, after which the best graduates get a work placement at Auriga (actually, the most talented and proactive program participants have proven to make it even faster), says Ksenia Zakharova, Training & Development Manager at Training Center Auriga

The Training Center has confirmed its evident efficiency as a source of talented young engineers. The best graduates are often invited to join Auriga engineering teams. One of the Training Center interns in Rostov-on-Don has received Auriga’s monthly corporate award for the best contribution to Auriga projects.

We are glad to see the program already working – there are at least five currently functioning project teams that received a boost after the arrival of the Auriga Training Center graduates who joined the company in 2010. These promising and dynamic people bring a wealth of ideas, energy, and creativity. We are planning to introduce more complementary classes and elaborate the internship program further, comments Ildar Gabdulline, Head of the Auriga – Nizhny Novgorod Delivery Center