Auriga Discovers New Opportunities Through Networking

September and October marked exceptionally busy months for Auriga’s sales team and representatives. Our experts were actively engaged in two significant events: DESIGN East in Boston, MA, and MobileCON in San Diego, CA. These gatherings served as excellent platforms for networking, collaboration, and learning.

First on Auriga’s schedule was DESIGN East 2012, held from September 17-20. This event lived up to its reputation by attracting a plethora of major players in the electronics industry, including Intel, IBM Rational, Qualcomm, ARM, Freescale, NXP, and Microchip.

This event stood out as one of the most comprehensive gatherings for electronics engineers and designers, offering the latest practical design insights, techniques, and products at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston. The focal points included advancements in medical electronics, sensor utilization across various applications, Android-based embedded projects, LED electronics design, and more. Given Auriga’s expertise in embedded systems, mobile, and other software domains, alongside its extensive portfolio serving ISVs, OEMs, and high-tech firms, attending DESIGN East was imperative. Andrey Pronin (SVP, Strategy, Technology, and Marketing) and Alexey Rybakov (VP, Business Development) represented Auriga, showcasing projects and achievements while gaining industry insights.

Andrey Pronin shared his impressions of the event:

It was good to be a part of an event focused on engineering topics. The conference was hands-on oriented, with classes and presentations discussing specific technical aspects. Improving and adding communication capabilities seems to remain the focus of many embedded projects nowadays. Most of the projects that we discussed on the show floor were related to adding support for communication protocols or controlling, processing, and delivering to users multimedia streams and data from the sensors.

Another significant event for Auriga was MobileCON 2012 (October 9-11), a premier gathering for mobile and enterprise application development targeting IT executives and professionals. The event featured renowned speakers sharing insights and experiences on leveraging mobility, addressing key challenges, and mobilizing workforces. Notable market players such as Dell, IBM, SAP, and Symantec were present, drawing representatives from over 1,800 companies and institutions across 43 countries. Auriga’s participants were impressed by the array of new products and solutions showcased at the event and found ample opportunities for the company.

As leading companies grapple with increasingly complex tasks, they seek innovative solutions from reliable partners. As a prominent Eastern European provider, Auriga is committed to delivering solutions that meet rigorous global quality standards. Participation in these events has opened avenues for Auriga to connect with new contacts, explore business interests, stay abreast of industry trends, and share its wealth of knowledge and experience over 20 years in software research and development.