Auriga Highlights 2012: Featured Achievements and Events

As 2012 comes to a close, we look back at a remarkable year for Auriga, reflect on our achievements, and set new goals for 2013. In 2012, we continued to strengthen our market positions in software research and development, focusing on operational excellence and customer satisfaction, enhancing experience in new areas such as mobile development and virtualization.


In 2012, Auriga again made the Global Outsourcing 100 and Global Services 100 lists. Auriga scored the highest marks in customer references, company recognition, and executive leadership, which have traditionally been the company’s key strengths. Being recognized year after year as one of the leading outsourcing companies in the world is the accomplishment of the company’s employees who continuously strive to effectively deal with the diverse needs of our clients.

In November, Auriga obtained Silver Certified Partner Status in the Microsoft Partner Program with a competency in Web Development for the third time in a row.

Auriga had to demonstrate high-quality service and expertise to earn a Microsoft Silver Competency. Additionally, our engineers’ professionalism and technical knowledge were tested through rigorous MS exams, culminating in the receipt of Microsoft Certified Professional (MСP) certificates.


In 2012, Auriga’s experts participated in many industry-specific events. These events have revealed great opportunities for Auriga to meet new prospective contacts, explore new business interests, gain insights into upcoming trends in the IT industry, and share the knowledge and experience the company has gained during its 20 years of successful operation in the software research and development field.

Among the most important events we visited this year are the following:

Featured Expertise Areas

In 2012, Auriga continued to expand knowledge and experience in many areas of software R&D. However, there are a few areas/projects which we would like to feature in this article.

Specialized Solutions for Financial Institutions

Auriga has worked with Barclays, HomeCredit and other well-known banks for years. We provide automated banking system integration, customization, and maintenance services for systems such as Oracle FlexCube and others, and we have developed some of proprietary solutions for financial institutions.

Auriga engineers developed a comprehensive mobile banking application for customers to manage their bank accounts, transactions, and payments to stay ahead of the changing market. The application was created in close cooperation with banking analysts and experts. It combines the best practices of our core service lines—financial and mobile development. The app is targeted at iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, RIM (Blackberry), and Bada platforms, and it follows stringent security standards for private personal and banking information.

Mobile Application for Project Escalations

Auriga engineers developed a mobile client for project monitoring web services based on MS Project Server. In accordance with complex business logic, the application collects information from various project management systems and, if a problem occurs, sends a notification to the manager’s smartphone or tablet. The push notification service shows the number of open escalations in the corner of the phone or tablet desktop widget icon. At the same time, it’s not just a pure notification service; it’s also a tool that allows managers to work with escalations instantly: for example, to send an SMS or call back the responsible person.


The company carries out a number of virtualization projects for companies of global renown. Auriga’s engineers are involved in developing and supporting several virtualization platforms and perform projects on hardware emulation for these platforms, including high-level emulation of HD Audio, Ethernet, USB, Super IO chip, block devices, etc.

“Thanks to multiple projects, our engineers gained considerable experience in virtualization technologies. Auriga gained unique expertise in working with bare metal hypervisors. This enables us to effectively face all challenges offered by our clients,” said Auriga’s General Manager Vyacheslav Vanyulin.

Auriga Online

In 2012, Auriga has been expanding its web presence significantly. We launched a Facebook page, we have been actively engaging with our followers on Twitter, and we started a blog which is updated regularly with articles on software industry trends, research and development, outsourcing and offshoring tips and recommendations, Auriga’s news, and thoughts and opinions on all the important matters and happenings in the industry.

All in all, the year has been efficient and effective, setting the bar high for the next year when we continue to make all reasonable efforts to adapt to our customers’ needs by offering them innovative products and various models of cooperation.