Auriga Announces Year Results

Auriga is pleased to announce the results for FY2012, which ended March 31, 2013. In 2012, we continued to strengthen our market positions in the software research and development field. Since the 2009 crisis, Auriga has been constantly growing, in terms of revenue, operations, and employees. In 2012, our revenue increased by about 15% compared to the previous year, but even more impressive, our net profit grew by over 40% compared to FY2011.

Auriga is proud of the fact that it has been a constantly profitable company from its very inception in 1990, as having a solid net profit figure is essential in the business world.

This significant improvement to our profitability didn’t come at the expense of service quality or key internal projects. In 2012, the high quality of our services was confirmed by our inclusion in the Global Outsourcing 100 list of the world’s best outsourcing providers for the sixth consecutive year. Moreover, we would like to highlight the fact that it was the implementation of several internal improvement projects that helped us reach those excellent profitability results.

One of those key projects was “SENSEItion”—an internal mentorship and leadership program aimed at cultivating mentors among senior engineers and providing the best possible assistance and training to the junior engineers who join the company. The program has been an instant success with a great number of people expressing their interest in becoming a sensei in the first month. As a result, we have seen improvements to the knowledge-transfer process, the adjustment of new company employees, the development of technical expertise, and the leadership-development culture.

Another essential result is the continuous growth of Auriga engineering centers in second-tier Russian cities, outside of Moscow and St. Petersburg. For example, in Nizhny Novgorod which is consistently included into Tholons Top 100 Outsourcing list and improves its position year after year. In 2012, for the first time, the number of engineers in our Nizhny Novgorod center exceeded that in Moscow. That focus on regional centers allows us to keep the growth of rates under control without compromising the quality of the service. This great cost/performance ratio provided by Auriga is an important factor in keeping our clients happy with the services we provide.

Speaking of 2012 achievements, Andrey Pronin, SVP, Strategy, Technology, Marketing, said, “We keep  an eye on new technology developments, expand our knowledge and expertise. This enabled us to apply our vast experience to a number of challenging projects in the past year with the main focus on M2M/embedded mobile, medical, and video processing projects. I am sure that gained experience and  acquired skills will allow us to further expand our customer base and  implement the most interesting and innovative solutions.”