Auriga Gains New Experience – Face-Detection Technology

The global advertising market demonstrates consistent growth. According to preliminary estimates, the market is valued at $506 Bn in 2012, and it will grow further in 2013, reaching $518 Bn, as leading analysts forecast. One would think, What does software development have to do with that?

However, today more than ever, software developers play a critical role in advertising. This is because companies are looking for new advertising opportunities, focusing above all on targeted advertising. The goal nowadays is to create not just any commercial but a commercial targeted at a customer interested in it, the one who is more likely to purchase the advertised product.

This is precisely why many large IT companies and start-ups are currently working on their own face-detection algorithms that allow determining the person’s age and gender based on the face’s scan. These data allow projecting the person’s interest in particular goods and services. The correlation of scans with the customer’s behavior patterns results in the demonstration of the most relevant commercial for this customer.

At the same time, the smart system can take the latest news, fashion trends, and even weather forecasts into consideration. Many experts strongly believe that face-detection technology is the future of advertisement.

Auriga expresses great delight and excitement about future-oriented projects. Our client—a promising start-up company—developed a proprietary face-detection algorithm, successfully implemented on Windows. Auriga’s engineers were tasked with porting this algorithm to Android OS. Undoubtedly, this migration is the next logical step in the development of this system, given that the analysts forecast the substantial growth of the global mobile-advertisement market by 2016. According to their estimates, the market’s size will reach $30.11 Bn, four times its current value.

Despite the fact that Auriga’s engineers are proven experts in the area of mobile technologies, it was the first time they came across a face-detection algorithm. The task was not easy. Not only did they have to port the algorithm to Android, but they also had to maintain (and even improve) a high level of system performance, which means they had to optimize the algorithm for a new operating system. We are proud that in this novel area, our developers confirmed their professionalism. The client, satisfied with the results, added new assignments for the development and enhancement of the product, and the client is set to continue cooperation with Auriga, which is the highest assessment of the team’s work. The final aim of the project along with the product development is to develop an SDK for the existing system.

Thanks to this project, Auriga was able to enhance its current expertise in the area of mobile solutions development, and the experience gained by Auriga’s engineers will be beneficial in future projects involving face-detection technology.