Auriga Helps to Forecast Weather

Auriga completed two projects for one of the leading US weather-broadcasting services. This was a rather unexplored field for Auriga, but a combination of 20+ years of experience, a broad expertise in mobile and embedded development, an ability to create unique innovative solutions, as well as a high international reputation once again proved advantageous.

The customer entrusted Auriga with the enhancement of the mobile weather informer application and modernization of the embedded software of compact weather stations.

The implementation of the first project required a broad expertise in the area of mobile solutions development, particularly for BlackBerry and Android platforms. Auriga’s engineers were tasked to develop new functionality.

The weather informer is a feature-rich mobile application that includes the following functions:

  • current weather conditions display and weather broadcasting
  • severe weather alerts, lightning prediction
  • map overlay to display air mass and front movements over a map (Google Maps and Bing Maps supported)

As a result of the functionality enhancement, the mobile application can now be integrated with Google and Bing maps, can send Push Notifications with weather alerts to US users, and has a web form to display a set of additional HTML 5 widgets.

Another project in the area of embedded software for weather stations was also carried out simultaneously with this project. The scope of the project included unifying firmware configurations in order to create a single configuration suitable for all of the customer’s weather stations as well as performing research and development tasks to consider migration to new software and/or hardware equipment.

The solution is a hardware device running an embedded OS integrated into the Blackfin processor. The embedded OS is ADI’s real-time kernel that ships with Visual DSP++.

Vyacheslav Vanyulin, Auriga’s General Manager, said,

Engagement in these projects is a great opportunity for Auriga to utilize our vast experience in two most prioritized for Auriga software development areas at the same time. It should also be noted that we have been trusted not only with the development but also with the management of both projects. This means that the customer appreciated the high level of Agile experience we have. We are always interested in projects where our engineers can fulfill their potential and enhance their expertise. We hope for a long-term collaboration with our customer and welcome the opportunity to contribute to the better accuracy of weather forecasts.