Interop and CTIA—What Happens in Vegas Does not Necessarily Have to Stay in Vegas

May has been a busy month for Auriga in terms of visiting leading industry events and networking. Our experts took part in two large events: Interop and CTIA. Both events took place in Las Vegas, and both proved to be great platforms for networking, collaborating, and learning.

The first on Auriga’s agenda was Interop—the world’s largest independent conference and exhibition aimed at providing IT professionals with means and solutions to leverage technology and make informed decisions for the benefit of their businesses. The event took place on May 6–10. With the intention of gaining insight into future trends and harvesting some promising leads, Alexey Rybakov, VP Business Development, visited this event.

This year, the event apparently focused on cloud computing, security, and mobile and collaboration products and services. However, the star of Interop 2013 was SDN, or Software Defined Networking. In the full-day workshop on SDN, representatives from large companies and organizations (e.g., Open Networking Foundation, Cisco, NEC, Extreme Networks, Yahoo!, Microsoft, and VMware) discussed the present and the future of SDN.
In total, the event featured more than 125 workshops and conference sessions, and over 300 companies showcased their latest technologies. Alexey Rybakov described the event as

a unique blend of innovation, technical capability, and inspiration.

He also added,

It is always great to be a part of such events as Interop. Here you can see the future evolving in front of your eyes. But what was even better for me is that I saw that Auriga keeps up with the pace of industry changes by innovating and adjusting its activities to the market’s and customers’ demands.

The second event we could not miss this month was CTIA—one of the most important events in the mobile industry—which took place on May 21–23, also in Las Vegas. Given Auriga’s interest in mobile technologies and its great variety of completed mobile projects for large clients and smaller start-up companies, CTIA was of particular importance for us. Many visitors mentioned that the event seemed somehow quieter than it was the previous year. However, the numbers speak for themselves. Over 35,000 attendees and almost 1,000 exhibitors were a part of CTIA this year. Even if there were less flashy announcements and big reveals this time—nobody can expect market leaders to come up with new game-changing devices every couple of months—the event still lived up to all its promises. Hot topics this year included small cells, mobile virtual network operators (MVNO), as well as the rise of Tier 2 handset makers.

Andrey Pronin, SVP, Strategy, Technology, Marketing, visited the event and defined it as

a great platform for reaching out and meeting people with unique and interesting ideas as well as sharing your own ideas, concepts, and mobile solutions.

He further stated,

Visiting CTIA 2013 was definitely worthwhile for Auriga. CTIA was always great for networking, and it has not changed this year, either. We had productive meetings here and were pleased with the opportunity to discuss our mobile expertise* and innovative solutions we have in various areas with potential customers.

Auriga: Experience in Mobile Applications Development

In the mobile/wireless area, Auriga creates applications, builds engineering teams, and completes software projects for enterprises and technology product vendors (conceptualization, porting, maintenance, automated testing, etc.) for various platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, Bada, Tizen, all flavors of Linux, various RTOSs).

Auriga works with a great number of clients, from startups to giants like Chrysler and Yandex, and focuses on the following:

  • Mobile clients for online services
  • Multi-platform support
  • Mobile system internals
  • Communication protocols
  • Multimedia streaming and transcoding
  • Location-based services

You can find additional information about Auriga’s experience in mobile development by clicking the link and visiting our website.